Designed to work in a way that suits your business

Capture the right information with flexible custom fields and personalize the look to match your brand.

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Create custom fields to suit your unique workflows

Create custom milestones within your own sales pipelines

Add your own branding and choose a custom color scheme

Custom Fields

One size rarely fits all – so we created custom fields

Every business is different with unique workflows and data that needs to be tracked. Keep a record of all this data using custom fields. Capsule supports a variety of different types, including text, dates, numbers and more.

"It's simple and yet we can customize too. There is so much to be done with custom fields. It's rare to find something that you can tweak so much without getting confused and tied up."

Simon Young

Director of Global Operations, Red Circle Network

Custom Milestones

Your sales pipelines, designed your way

Capsule will populate your sales pipeline with default milestones to help you to get started, but you can customize the milestones to match your workflow.

With our Growth plan, you can also create multiple sales pipelines with different customizable milestones.

Custom Branding

Make yourself at home, add your own branding

Change the look of Capsule to suit your own branding. Choose a custom logo for your login screen and also change the color scheme so you feel right at home as soon as you log in.

Everything you need to make Capsule your own

Auto-enriched contact profiles

Enrich your contacts with social media profiles and avatars.

Custom lost reasons

Add reasons why a deal was lost and identify the most common ones.

Custom lists

Create lists of contacts based on custom searches and filters.

Custom activity types

Add your own sales activity types that are meaningful to your business.

Two-Factor Authentication

Add an extra layer of security to your Capsule account using your mobile.

Custom task categories

Customize categories for your tasks and update colors to fit your process.

User permissions

Assign users to one of three different roles to ensure that users only have access to the records you want them to.

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