What Is Sales Tracking Software and Why Do I Need It?

Sales tracking software helps you record all the intricate details of a sale and the sales process. This record give sales managers all the data they need to inform their sales strategy. When used correctly, sales tracking gives you great visibility into your sales process and the insights necessary to turn more leads into loyal customers.

A good sales tracking tool will help you answer these questions:

  • What are the most critical steps that improve your chances of winning a sale?
  • What are the most important stages of your sales pipeline?
  • What activities have little to no effect on the outcome of a sale and can be abandoned?

A sales tracking system will help you answer these questions so you can optimize your sales process.

Create a Winning Sales Process

Capsule's sales tracking software helps you create a process to manage your leads and turn them into winning sales opportunities.

The customizable pipeline and workflows show you the stage each prospect is at and the steps that are needed to close the deal.

Your sales team will work more efficiently when they track their sales closely, they'll better understand their customers, improve the customer experience, leading to increased sales.

A Visual Sales Pipeline

Capsule Kanban and project progress report

At the heart of Capsule is the sales pipeline. It gives you a simple visual overview of all your sales opportunities, highlighting those that need more attention in order to keep leads moving through the pipeline.

A simple click drills down into individual opportunities and the contact’s details, so you have all the information you need to take the next step.

Track Sales Activities in One Place

Capsule empowers sales teams to take the next step, providing a full history of every sales opportunity. Having emails, contracts, documents and notes organized in one place improves your sales team's efficiency and overall success rate for closed sales.

Sales Reports for Every Stage

example of various graphs and data tables within Capsule

Want a clear visual of how your sales team is performing? How about seeing the potential value of opportunities in your pipeline? Access all the data you need with Capsule's sales tracking reports and sales dashboard. Know exactly who your top sales performer is, the activities that lead to a sales win and the reasons for any opportunities you lose.

Simple Sales Tracking for Busy Teams

Capsule is easy-to-use and intuitive so you can start tracking sales in a matter of minutes. There's no intensive training required. Simply sign up, log in, import your contacts and start building your pipeline. If you happen to get stuck, our handy guides will help you out and our world-class support team is always available to lend a hand when you need it.

Track Sales Anywhere

A mobile phone showing sales tracking within the Capsule mobile app

Capsule's mobile app, supported on both Android and iOS, is perfect for teams that need to track leads, manage sales opportunities, set tasks and update their pipeline while on the go. Easily switch from desktop to mobile and never drop the ball on a prospect again.

Say hello to all of Capsule’s sales tracking features

  • Contact management

    Record, manage and nurture all your business relationships with detailed contact record-keeping.

  • Sales opportunity management

    Track your sales deals from lead to close with our sales pipeline.

  • Visual sales pipeline

    Our customizable visual sales pipeline shows the stage your sales opportunities are in. Easily drag and drop opportunities across the pipeline or into the won and lost boxes.

  • Sales Opportunity Reports

    Gather data on your past sales performance. Learn who’s winning and losing the most opportunities. Discover the most common reasons for lost sales.

  • Sales Dashboard

    View critical pipeline data such as your pipeline forecast and pipeline conversion rate so you can have an overview of sales and lead information at all times.

  • Sales Forecasting

    Sales forecast reports display your projected revenue based on open opportunities and expected close date.

  • Sales Pipeline Reports

    Gain insight into how your sales pipeline is looking for each stage of the sales funnel and see where and why you could be losing sales.

  • Activity Reports

    View sales activity metrics like calls, notes and emails and any custom sales activities you’re interested in.

  • Sales Tracking via Capsule Mobile app

    View and update your sales opportunities on the go in the Capsule mobile app.

Start tracking sales with Capsule today