Workflow Automation

Make work easier, faster and more consistent

Our workflow automation tools help you reduce manual work, speed up your processes and help you stay consistent. Set up workflows and triggered activities that just happen without having to move a muscle.

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Automate your routine sales and work tasks

Combine automations to create a single workflow

Make daily tasks more efficient with automations

Automated sales workflows

Our sales workflow automation features support sales reps and managers at every stage of the sales cycle.

Speed up your sales cycle
Project Management

Create and automate other business processes

Our workflows extend beyond automating sales tasks. You can use Workflow Automation with our project management features. Automate workflows for candidate management, onboarding new hires and customers, marketing and any other work you have.

  • Reduce project bottlesnecks

  • Route projects to the right people at the right time

  • Maintain quality and constency with the defined processes

"It is helping our workflows and saving time."

Karen Garrattley

Cos Bookkeeping

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Transpond by Capsule

More than workflows

Workflows aren’t the only process you can automate. With Transpond by Capsule, our sister marketing tool, you can set up marketing automation.

By integrating Capsule and Transpond you can create segments, triggers and sequences based on Capsule data. Manage every interaction from a lead generation campaign to onboarding new customers or even surprising them on their birthday and holidays.

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