CRM for Manufacturers

Capsule helps you deliver success with a CRM for manufacturers that can handle everything. Whether it’s client-specific bills of material documentation storage or contact management solutions Capsule helps you seize every opportunity.

Take your client relationships to the next level with a CRM software platform that’s ideal for manufacturing businesses.

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Bring your sales, marketing & production teams together like never before

With Capsule CRM, manual data entry tasks, like inputting orders from separate quotation software, are a thing of the past. Use this platform to store and share data between your sales team, your marketing professionals, and your production managers to create a seamless experience for your valued customers.

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Switch to Capsule CRM without interrupting manufacturing processes

If you think that moving over to a fully integrated CRM will cause delays, then think again. We offer a seamless roll-out process and a user-friendly interface so you avoid delays to your current production and order fulfillment rates.

Understand your performance & make informed planning decisions

With a centralized system handling all of your customer-facing interactions, you can better understand how your manufacturing enterprise is performing. Capsule CRM includes many analytical and reporting tools to help you assess your team’s performance quickly and efficiently. Make data driven decisions thanks to a CRM that delivers what businesses in the sector really need.

A customizable manufacturing CRM

With multiple plans and a raft of custom options to choose from, Capsule CRM is a business tool that all businesses can benefit from. Whether you’re a startup, a medium-sized enterprise, or a large manufacturing firm with extended global supply chains, choose the option that suits your business.

Integrate your CRM with countless other software systems

Capsule CRM delivers exceptional integration with the software that you already use. Achieve even more with your CRM. Some of the most popular integrations offered by Capsule CRM include:

Tidy Enterprise

Tidy Enterprise combines all the features of TidyWork and TidyStock and more into one.


Capsule connects with Zendesk to improve how you offer customer support and manage clients.


Enjoy instant click-to-dial, auto activity logging, call recording and contact integration.


Online quoting software. Access Capsule contacts while creating quotes for a hassle-free experience.

Why manufacturing firms need Capsule CRM

A customer relationship system allows you to manage and review all of your client-focused interactions. Without one, your customer-facing teams will struggle to give your customers the service they deserve. Poor customer management can lead to costly errors due to manufacturing out-of-spec products, client dissatisfaction, and improperly maintained order pipelines.

A CRM for manufacturers helps to streamline processes and workflows at every stage. From prospecting to sales pitching to order processing and customer fulfillment.

Benefit from Capsule CRM for mobile

Capsule CRM is ready to use, whether you’re in the office or the field, making it ideal for manufacturing businesses visiting their clients.

Free CRM for Manufacturers

Try Capsule CRM for free and get to understand exactly how beneficial the full version could be for your manufacturing business. The free version of our customer relationship software limits you to a generous 250 contacts.

Try one of our paid plans free for 14 days. Why not take advantage of this free trial period and decide which of our plans would be most useful to your business?

A globally trusted CRM for manufacturing businesses

Capsule CRM is already helping manufacturers around the globe. The functionality, ease of use, and productivity gains are already enjoyed by thousands of companies, helping them to lower costs, boost sales, and generate new business.