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Make the most of Zapier and Capsule: Use cases across the business

With Zapier's integration, you can push notifications of changes in Capsule to Slack or Teams. Discover new ways you could make the most of Capsule in Slack and Teams.

Olivia MacCunn · June 10, 2024
Make the most of Zapier and Capsule: Use cases across the businessMake the most of Zapier and Capsule: Use cases across the business

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Zapier enables Capsule users to easily connect to other tools and software to automate their daily tasks. We’re always improving how you can make the most of Zapier with Capsule, like sending automated notifications to Slack or Microsoft Teams about changes to open Opportunities and Projects in your CRM.

Wondering what that could look like for your business? In this article, we'll identify specific use cases in sales and customer support for you to implement with the Zapier integration.

Using Zapier to notify your team about sales opportunities

Connecting your Capsule account to Zapier means you can easily push notifications about updates in your CRM like new leads or closed sales to your Sales reps individually or via channels in Slack or Teams.

When a new lead has been added to Capsule

Sales teams often work with large volumes of prospects, and keeping track of them isn’t easy. By creating a Zap that notifies you or your Sales Team’s channel, the right people will always be well-informed.

Sales reps have told us it’s a useful notification to get via the phone app for Slack or Teams when you’re away from the office.

The automated notification may include as much or as little detail as you need, such as company size and region, and contact details like phone number and email address - all essential information for sales reps to stay on top of as they’re on the move.

Image shows an example of a Slack notification showing new leads in Capsule with relevant information pulled from the contact record.

When an opportunity reaches the negotiation stage

Stay informed when your opportunity reaches the negotiation stage. Here you could send alerts to a ‘Sales success’ channel for Sales Managers to prepare for closing their deal.

When your opportunity is won (or lost…)

Easily keep tabs on newly completed sales once they’re moved to ‘“won’” in Capsule. This is a great way to keep all the relevant people informed, from sales reps and sales managers to the accounting team.

And while Capsule provides forecasting on your deals in the Sales Pipeline, this is a quick way to monitor expected revenue from new business.

When your opportunity reaches the proposal stage

Not only can you communicate to channels and individuals in Teams or Slack about your opportunity’s progress, but you can also use Zapier to connect to tools like Ignition or PandaDoc to create proposals automatically.

By setting up both Zaps, you’ll be informed of your opportunity’s progress and have your proposal ready to go when you are.

Learn how to integrate Microsoft Teams with Capsule using Zapier.

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Using Zapier to notify your Customer Success or order fulfillment team about new clients or orders

When you’ve won a new client

If you’re part of an organization that sells or manages services, set up a Zap that notifies your customer success team of new clients so you can celebrate the win together, and prepare the new customer for onboarding.

There’s multiple approaches so this information isn’t missed. For example, you could set a trigger when an opportunity is won in Capsule. Or, trigger the notification when a new DocuSign envelope is signed to remind the sales rep to move the opportunity in the Capsule app.

When you've received a new order

Perhaps you use a CRM to manage your sales of physical goods. You can use the Zapier connection to send messages in Teams or Slack, alerting your order fulfillment team to prepare, pack, and ship your products.

Image shows an example of a Slack notification about a new sale of physical goods to prepare for shipment using data in Capsule

More ways of using Zapier to notify Slack or Teams about changes in Capsule

Similar to communicating with the sales team, you could utilize the Capsule-Zapier connection to keep your legal team informed when an Opportunity reaches the contract stage so they know the prospect is ready for negotiations.

Capsule’s connection with Zapier doesn’t just work with your Sales Pipelines. You can set up triggers based on changes to your Projects too. Projects is Capsule’s tool that enables you to create Kanban-style boards for the multi-step processes used in your business that don’t involve revenue.

Let’s say you work in the construction industry, you could use the Slack or Teams Zap to inform project managers and their larger team when their permit is approved without needing to open Capsule.

Projects is also a handy tool for running events. Try setting up a Zap to keep all the relevant people informed in Teams or Slack when your events progress through the Project board.

Learn how to integrate Slack with Capsule using Zapier.

These are just a few examples of notifications you can create when you connect Zapier and Capsule. We’re all ears, so if you’ve got some great Capsule and Zapier connections to share, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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