The Capsule Affiliate Program

Capsule team members working together
Capsule team members working together
Capsule team members working together

Capsule comes highly recommended by existing users. They love the ease of use and how it can help them win more business, retain more customers and manage work.

These ingredients mean Capsule is a great solution to promote as an Affiliate Partner. If you have a website, social media following or another channel where you can promote solutions via one-to-many communication, our Affiliate Partner program is a great fit for you.

Key Benefits

  • Global program

  • Quick and free to sign up

  • Access to real-time earnings

  • Earn 20-30% commission

  • Monthly payments

  • Fill in the application form

    Please read our terms before you apply

  • Share the word

    Using the referral link you’re given

  • Get paid

    Earn commission for each referral

  • "The big benefit is that I have a steady revenue stream of passive income which as a small business owner myself is quite hard to come by"

    Julia Blake - Blake Consultants

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    A consultant with a client

    What do I need to apply?

    You should have a platform where you can share your affiliate link (a website, blog, podcast, YouTube channel, other social media, forum, email newsletter etc.). This is important as this is how we can track that a recommendation has come from you.

    All you have to do is share your referral link with your audience. We don’t expect affiliates to handle any onboarding or customer service - we’ll provide that (though if you do provide that, it’s fine with us). We’ll also provide you with logos and banners to place on your website if you need them.

    While we accept applications from everyone who is interested we are not able to accept all applicants.

    Affiliate Partner Tiers

    20% customer lifetime
    25% customer lifetime
    30% customer lifetime
    Up to 25 customers
    From 26 to 50 customers
    Above 50 customers
    Marketing assets
    Co-branded landing pages
    Regular check-ins with a dedicated Capsule manager

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How and when do I get paid?

    Referral fees are paid via PayPal once a month on the 1st day of the month. For more information please see the “Payment” section of our Terms & Conditions

    How long do cookies last for?

    The cookies on our website last for 30 days. For more information please see the “Referral Fees” section of our Terms & Conditions

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